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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a children’s swing set in NJ, vinyl playsets are a smart option. Kids swings made from this material boast exceptional durability and low maintenance, so you will likely not need to replace it for many years to come.

Vinyl swing sets and other types of swing sets in New Jersey are extremely cost effective, with costs mostly attributed to your initial purchase price. If you are looking for vinyl swing sets for sale, we provide a range of options to cater to any budget.

Vinyl swingsets in New Jersey are a great investment because they are highly durable. If you are looking for swing sets that will last a lifetime, then our vinyl swing sets are a great choice that will last your family decades.

Concrete is not a recommended base for vinyl swing sets in NJ. Swing sets pose a risk of injury should your child fall from it, so when it comes to placing your vinyl swingsets in your yard, choose soft ground such as sand or grass.

When it comes to maintaining swing sets in New Jersey, the first thing you should do is keep it clean. For vinyl swing sets, this is made easy thanks to the low maintenance utility of vinyl swing set accessories.

Yes, you can move vinyl swingsets after installation, such as when you are moving to a new home. The easiest way to move your swing sets is to have professional movers do this for you.

We offer a 20 year warranty on all of our vinyl swing sets in New Jersey, provided they have been installed by our certified installers. Swing sets and vinyl swing set accessories are warranted for damage but not normal wear and tear.

We offer a range of children’s swing sets in NJ. Each of our vinyl swing sets has a recommended minimum age, but kids swing sets are specifically designed to offer protection for kids of a range of ages.

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