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Are Vinyl Swingsets Safe?

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Safety is a top concern for most parents. If you are investing in a playset, you want something safe for your children. If you are looking for a commercial playset, safety might be even more important because it can impact your liability. So, naturally, when you are looking at a swingset, you want to know if it is safe. Because many of us grew up playing on wooden or metal swingsets, one of the questions we get is whether vinyl swingsets are safe?

Yes, they absolutely are. While any type of outdoor or physical play has risks, a vinyl swingset can help reduce the risks. Read on to find out why vinyl is safer.

Smooth Surface

Vinyl is incredibly resistant to wear and tear. While it could wear out over time, it is unlikely to warp, rot, or splinter. That means that the surface stays smooth. If you do minimal maintenance, then kids should be able to play without worrying about splinters, cuts, or other injuries from jagged surfaces.

Sturdy Construction

Vinyl also helps keep your playground sturdy. There are two approaches to vinyl swingsets. Some smaller swingsets are constructed solely of vinyl or a combination of vinyl and metal. Larger vinyl swingsets may be vinyl wrapped timber inside of their pieces. The vinyl wrapping makes them very resistant to rotting. This sturdy construction means you do not have to worry about constant repairs to keep the structure safe and sturdy.

No Burns

Are you old enough to remember metal slides in the summertime? If you are, you know that metal playground equipment can hurt when it hits your skin. While we think of burns in the summer, metal playgrounds can also be dangerously cold in the winter. Vinyl swingsets avoid these problems. They stay cool to the touch, even on the hottest of summer days. While they do get cold in cold temperatures, they do not have the same freezing surface temperatures as metals.

Safety Features

In addition to the safety of vinyl coatings, we only feature the highest quality swingsets. That means that they are constructed with safety in mind.

  • Rounded corners
  • Recessed bolts and hardware
  • Sturdy connectors
  • Safety grips
  • Coated chains
  • Molded slides
  • Safe climbing surfaces

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