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Tips for Adding a Playset to Your Backyard

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Whether you are a new homeowner or lived in the same place for years, a playset might be enticing to add to your backyard. Maybe you are just planning ahead, winging it, or exterior design is just not your thing. Either way, we’re here to provide tips on a playset for your backyard.

Size A Playset for Backyard

This one is a clear pitfall that more people run into than you would think. You ought to buy a playset that fits in your backyard appropriately. So, the best way to do that is to get a measuring tape, go to the location you want to set aside for the playset, and then measure out the width and length. Or, you can do the reverse if you already know what size playset you want to place in your backyard and are just looking for space. Either way, experts recommend that 6 feet of space should be between the entire playset. For swings, you should provide plenty of clearance past that. Guidelines say that swinging is equal to twice the distance from the ground to the swing’s beam. So, for a 10-foot swing, you want about 20 feet of space.

Get a Durable Playset

Durability and longevity are amongst the most important aspects of your backyard playset. Luckily for you, we specialize in vinyl playsets. Vinyl playsets can look great for years, possibly up to a decade. It can look like you just bought it years later! Vinyl is preferred over wood playsets for longevity as a wood playset will crack and splinter due to being exposed to the elements. If the playsets are painted, they will fade and crack as well. Vinyl playsets will stand the test of time.


Safety is critical to you when getting a playset for your backyard. As our products are made out of vinyl, we can assure you that they are perfect for safety. Vinyl playsets do not splinter and accidentally end up in your children’s hands. We all know how excruciating splinters can be, so why not just remove the possibility? Vinyl also maintains a neutral temperature and will not get too hot on hot days like wood and metal playsets can. Additionally, vinyl sets are much better at not having exposed sharp edges that can hurt someone.

Experts in Backyard Playsets

Now that you have easy tips on a playset for your backyard, check out our easy, no-maintenance vinyl swingsets! Please call us at 908-801-9508 to learn more!

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